Sandra Barneda puts Diego in his place in ‘The island of temptations: there are more images’

This Wednesday, Telecinco opted for The island of temptations: there are more imagesin its prime time. Although the program barely shows unpublished content, it did broadcast the video of the moment in which Diego and Sandra Barneda were going, by car, to the viewing room, a place where I would see 10 minutes of Lola live.

The young man decided to be the one to use the privilege to clarify the troubled relationship with his girlfriend. And it is that, he has always used the approach between Lola and Simone to let themselves be carried away by temptation. However, with the excuse, he has gone much further with the temptresses than Simone, something that Barneda did not hesitate to remind him.

“I always make the comparison of when I was going to fight, that it gave me a lot of nerves and I also had tension because of what was going to happen. Here it seems strange but that is multiplied by a thousand. future plans. It would hurt me a lot to see that being has spoiled everything, especially because of her first attitudes, it would be a disappointment for me, really, “said the boxer.

It was then that a perplexed presenter said: “Because of her first attitudes, because then you too got carried away“He said. The words had an effect on Diego, who replied:” Yes, my reaction too. I don’t regret it, but I’m not proud either. I would love to see Lola regretful, so at least I see that there is a chance. If I see it in a different way, I know that everything is lost, “he added fearfully.

Barneda insisted and asked who would have crossed the limit the most, and the singer remained in his thirteen: “I, but from what I saw at firstIf not, I would not have crossed it. “After this, the approach of positions that was broadcast in the previous episode took place.

In the videos, Lola said: “We were ideal, it was my little mouse. I lacked things, but I had everything. I can’t keep hugging Simone, or looking at him, or smiling at him, or anything. I can’t give him a kiss, I just think about the mouth of Diego, my heart breaks; hope i can fix it. My heart asks me to fight. I imagine his face on the day he left, with his little blue eyes … I was wrong, I got carried away, I don’t know what happened to me. I need to see him, I need to hug him, “Lola confessed.

Excited, Diego said that he still loved Lola madly: “She is sorry and I appreciate that my girlfriend gives me a hint. Now I’m in a mess, I’ll see if I forgive her, although everything is talking about it. My mother also tells me to show more, to leave pride behind. “

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