Satechi sells a cheaper MagSafe charger than Apple’s

With the launch of its new line of MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12, Apple also announced the availability of similar proposals from third party companies. Many have already released their first accessories and the price difference is one of the inevitable comparisons.

Satechi wireless charger.
Satechi Wireless Charger for iPhone 12

Thus, it has been remarkable the price difference between the Satechi brand wireless charger with the Apple one. Of course, beyond these there are also other absences, which users must decide if they are really worth it or not.

Third-party MagSafe accessories are noticeably cheaper than Apple’s

While Satechi’s newest iPhone 12 wireless charger does most of what MagSafe does, it doesn’t do it all. This cable uses the magnets built into the iPhone 12 series to adhere to the back of the phone, providing more reliable wireless charging, but does not offer Apple MagSafe power-ups.

In the video below, the firm offers a quick demonstration of its features.

According to Apple, enhancers increase power transfer by up to 15 watts in most iPhone 12 models, while the Satechi maxes out at 7.5 watts.

The Satechi model costs 25 percent less than the charger with the bitten apple logo. So its final price is $ 29.99 compared to $ 39 or € 45 (Spain) for the Apple charger.

Just a few days ago, Apple customers were also surprised with the 149 euro price of the MagSafe Duo, not including the power adapter.

For many this only has the advantage of portability, since even buying the two separate chargers ends up being much cheaper. And perhaps as with the MagSafe, some prefer to wait for the alternative from third-party companies.

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