Saúl Ñíguez’s reflection on the psychological help he received to get out of his mental and sporting slump

The celebration of Saúl Ñíguez after scoring in the match between Atlético de Madrid and Seville he had a motive beyond the goal itself. The midfielder has gone through a sporting slump derived from a mental one, which without reaching the limit of depression, has forced him to ask for help.

Saúl celebrates his goal against Sevilla.

Psychological work is very common in soccer teams, especially with players subjected to great pressure. In a team like Atlético, now they are more leaders, in a special way. That is why, after the meeting, Saúl left a reflection that, in addition, is very relevant: this Wednesday is the World Day to fight Depression.

Without being something so serious, this is the reflection of the Elche can help to understand how elite athletes, sometimes, also pull something as necessary as professional help to save the most complicated moments:

“This helps like everything else, but what counts is the daily work, not breaking down and working with the people outside the club. You don’t only work physically, but in many ways. Everything helps and work pays.

We do not talk about it because it does not tell people from outside how football is lived from within, even fans. Football is not 11 players running after a ball, here it feels a lot. What happens on the lawn is transferred to family, friends, your relationship with the world … It’s complicated when things don’t go well for you and you work and they still don’t.

I repeat: work pays, but not only daily work. The one you see is a player who does not work out, who is losing confidence and that, in the end, there are not people who help much, but there is another who is always there. That is the one you value and it is always there.

There are many negative people, who do not help. That they are throwing negative things at you, that do not help. But there are many people who help you, who are there through thick and thin. I have many thanks to do. The other day a part of the fans came to the Sports City to encourage me. They are details that make the difference. I told them and I’m telling them now to thank them, that I will continue working and that they will once again be proud of the work we do in the field. “

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