says he will stay on as CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk As CEO of Twitter, he has distinguished himself by implementing a series of changes that, in the eyes of public opinion, have dynamited a good part of the positive trajectory of this platform.

Despite the short period of time that his tenure as top manager of the platform has lasted, the number of incidents that have affected both corporate staff and the users themselves are too many.

In some cases the matter has even reached almost absurd levels. Like all that history of the failure in the algorithm that improves the reach metrics of users with private accounts instead of public ones.

Something that by itself is already anomalous but that reached unexpected levels of absurdity when Musk ended up firing an employee who showed that the algorithm was no longer positioning Elon’s tweets as much because the community was no longer as interested in what he said.

Now, at the time of writing this note, we live in a period where if you go to Twitter it is most likely that the first thing that appears in your feed is a post by Elon Musk, apparently by direct mandate of the new owner.

Due to this, an increasing number of voices have been accumulating that request that the supposedly richest man in the world leave his managerial position in the social network to recover some lost stability. But it looks like that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Elon Musk won’t step down as CEO of Twitter until at least the end of 2023

It happens that Elon Musk has just participated in the activities of the World Government Summit 2023where he was interviewed. There in the talk, the subject spoke about the current situation of Twitter, which he described as “a roller coaster.”

From his perspective, he is currently working fully on “stabilizing” things on the platform, which for a lot would basically mean leaving them as they were before he arrived, however Musk considers that this current situation prevents him from thinking about leaving his position as current. CEO of the social network:

As mentioned in the conversation, Elon does not plan to leave his position on Twitter until at least the end of this 2023. That means that he would not move from there for practically the entire year.

But it should be remembered that in December 2022 the executive himself released a survey through his own official account, where he put the community to a vote on whether or not he should leave office.

In the end, 57.5% of the votes opted for the decision to leave Twitter. But that hasn’t happened and it seems Elon just doesn’t want to leave.