Schools: bells to open windows in Germany

OHe had almost forgotten it: the sound of the bell ringing recess or the end of school. She has now found a new job in Germany. In many primary schools, it serves as a reminder to teachings to open the windows to ventilate the premises in these times of coronavirus.

“Many schools had abandoned it,” agrees Edgar Bohn, president of an association of primary schools. The bell is now back in action in the fight against the spread of the coronvirus. Every 20 minutes, she reminds teachers to air their class for five minutes, as prescribed by government measures.

Mr. Bohn nevertheless notes a drawback to the system: it tends to disrupt the concentration of students. As for the 2.8 million German primary school children, they must cover themselves well to avoid catching a cold during this season.

In order to avoid the accumulation of micro-droplets loaded with viruses suspended in the air, it is recommended to ventilate the premises well. The number of people present in the same room, closed or benefiting from a supply of fresh air, the size of the room as well as whether or not participants wear a mask influence the risk of transmission of the virus.

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