Schwarzenegger calls Trump “worst president ever”

He appealed to the American people.

ATrnold Schwarzenegger, a former governor of California and, in a previous life, an actor in Terminator among others, claimed on Sunday that he saw similarities between the capture of the Capitol on Wednesday and the pogroms on German Jews in the 1930s. Schwarzenegger, 73, said called on his compatriots in a video message to overcome the divisions in the country. He did not hesitate to be tough against outgoing President Donald Trump, a member like him of the Republican Party.

For Mr. Schwarzenegger, Trump is the worst American president ever and has launched a coup that has driven the people to madness with his lies. The United States will only overcome this dark period “if we understand what we have to lose,” he said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria. His father had voluntarily joined the Nazi party a few days before Germany annexed his native country. According to Schwarzenegger, the storming of the Capitol has similarities to the Crystal Night in 1938.

“Wednesday was Broken Glass Day here in the United States,” the actor said. The group of President Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol smashed not only the windows of the building, “but also the ideas that we took for granted. They violated the principles on which our country was built ”.

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