Scientists achieve quantum teleportation with 90% accuracy

Scientists are getting ever closer to making a super-secure and super-fast quantum internet possible – now they have been able ‘teleport’ quantum information hi-fi at a total distance of 44 kilometers.

As collected Science Alert, the team achieved a level of fidelity (data accuracy) greater than 90% with its quantum information, as well as sending it over extensive fiber optic networks similar to those that form the backbone of our existing Internet.

“We are delighted with these results,” said the physicist Panagiotis Spentzouris, from the Fermilab Particle Physics and Acceleration Laboratory, based at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

“This is a key achievement on the road to building a technology that will redefine the way we we carry out global communication “Spentzouris added.

Both data fidelity and transfer distance are crucial when it comes to building a Real and functional quantum internet, and moving forward in any of these areas is cause for celebration for those who are building our next generation communications network.

It has never before been shown to work at such a long distance with such precision, and brings a quantum network the size of a city closer to reality, although there are still years of work ahead to make it possible.

“With this demonstration we are beginning to lay the foundations for the construction of a metropolitan quantum network in the Chicago area“Spentzouris says.

Quantum entanglement and data teleportation is a complex science, and even experts don’t fully understand how it could be used in Ultimately in a quantum network. However, each proof of concept like this we get a little closer to making said network a reality.

In addition to promising huge increases in speed and computing power, a quantum internet would be ultra secure. At least for now, scientists believe that the Internet’s quantum networks will act as specialized extensions of the classical Internet, rather than a complete replacement.

What makes this study special is the precision and distance of quantum entanglement teleportation, as well as the ‘ready to use’ equipment used; In theory, it should be relatively easy to scale this technology using the hardware that we already have installed. .

“We are very proud to have achieved this milestone in scalable, high-performance and sustainable quantum teleportation systems,” says physicist. Maria spiropuluby Caltech.

“Results will be further improved with the system updates that we hope to complete by the second quarter of 2021“, he concludes.

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