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The film prepares its arrival in theaters and HBO Max. Photo: Warner Bros | Warner Bros

In the last days we were finally able to see some previews of “Mortal Kombat”, A film inspired by the acclaimed saga of fighting games that will hit the big and small screens with a new reboot after just over twenty years since its last live action adaptation.

Fans have already been able to see some images in which the final appearance of their characters can be appreciated, in addition to receiving confirmation about the famous “fatalities”, which will be present in the story. Now one of the scriptwriters has been in charge of raising the hype with new statements about the beginning of the film.

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After being mentioned on Twitter recently, Greg russo has expressed that the opening sequence of the film is downright amazing. « You have no idea. All I can say is that the bar for the opening scene has been installed.  » While these statements might be taken as a boastful act, they can also be an indication of the enormous confidence you have in the final product.

It was recently revealed that the film would feature in its first ten minutes they would feature a fight sequence between Hanzo and Bi-Han, who would later become known by their aliases Scorpion and Sub-Zero. This sequence would be the trigger to the story and would take place before both of them obtained their abilities.

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In times of uncertainty in which film premieres are constantly delayed, often indefinitely, « Mortal Kombat”Prepares his arrival at the cinemas and the platform’s catalog HBO Max for April 16, so it would not be surprising that a trailer was released very soon.

The film features the direction of Simon McQuoid, marking his feature film debut and supervised by executive producer James wan, creator of the franchise « Saw« , »The Conjuring« And who will soon release »Malingnant”, His return to the genre of horror.

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