‘SEAL Team’ actor Justin Melnick injured after falling from helicopter

Actor Justin Melnick, one of the protagonists of the television series SEAL Team (CBS), was injured last weekend at fall from a helicopter while filming a commercial not related to the series, in Santa Clarita, California (USA).

According to Deadline, the actor, who often appears jumping from helicopters in the series along with his dog, It fell from a height of between 4 and 6 meters.

According to his representative, the injuries suffered by Melnick in the accident “appear to be minimal”, and the actor, who was taken to a hospital after the fall, recovers favorably in his house.

On the ad shoot a dog also participated, who also suffered the fall, and is also recovering from his injuries. It is not clear if it is the same animal that usually accompanies Melnick on the CBS series.

Melnick joined SEAL Team as a consultant and dog trainer, before finally joining the series as the character of Brock Reynolds, that is part of the canine unit of the patrol in fiction.

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