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The death of Ned Stark is considered one of the most shocking moments in modern television. Photo: HBO | HBO

It seems like yesterday was the moment when “game of Thrones”Came to the signal HBO, without its developers even being able to imagine the large scale and scope that this production could receive in its following seasons.

In its favor, we can say that the series would quickly manage to gain a loyal legion of followers who would not hesitate to catch up with the novels of George RR Martin to avoid the dreaded spoilers. Especially after the great shock caused by the death of Ned stark, character played by Sean Bean and that until that moment he was the main character.

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New readers would soon realize that this was a saga that had no contempt for eliminating its characters if it meant moving the story forward, no matter how brutal and unexpected their lives ended.

Bean He would come to reflect on the process of dealing with a significant number of mixed feelings in the moments leading up to his final destination. “It was horror and disbelief (about the change of mind in exiling Ned by Jeoffrey) and then it was resignation and realizing that he was seeing his daughter for the last time, Arya« The actor tells Entertainment Weekly.

“I was trying to think about all this. It wasn’t just ‘Oh, they’ll cut my head off.’ These mixed feelings is what allowed it to be what it was, I suppose. As if this moment weren’t disturbing enough for the audience, the actor admits to dealing with it for a whole day.

“It took a whole day to film it and you just have to focus on meeting your death without distractions. It was really hot at the time so it probably helped. And everyone’s reactions were fantastic. Cersei and children. It was very moving with all the pathos in that scene. Then I put my head on the block and my day was done.  »

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In its final moments, it can be seen as Ned perform a quiet sentence, which fans have been trying to decipher for years. In accordance with Alan Taylor, director of that episode, Bean I would have come to ask him what kind of prayer a man could make with the faith of Stark and built an impromptu sentence around that idea.

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