Second Division: Extremadura and Racing exploit and reject RFEF’s proposal: “League of 22 or 26”

Second Division They feel disadvantaged by the measure proposed by the Federation

The match between Extremadura and Racing. Conrado del Castillo BRAND

The statement with which The Royal Spanish Soccer Federation has tried to solve the Second Muddle, proposing a league of 24 teams with Numancia and Deportivo, he has met two great opponents. The two teams that appear in the ranking in the last two places, Extremadura and Racing, descended several days before the events of the ‘Fuenlagate’.

The two teams, the Extremaduran and the Cantabrian, have published separate statements through social networks in which they complain about the inequality that, in their eyes, would mean rescuing two descended teams and not the four.

“We consider a total injustice and a lack of respect for our fans, city and region, the proposal presented by the RFEF”

“From Racing we show our absolute rejection of the RFEF proposal to LaLiga, based on poor argumentation. We continue to defend consistency, LEAGUE 22 or 26.”

Ral Martn Presa, president of Rayo Vallecano, declared to EFE that they have received “hopeful” the proposal of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation for the next season to have a League of 24 clubs in Second because in this way, “for legal equity” There would also have to be “a six club promotion” that they would play.

The Deportivo-Fuenlabrada of the last day of the SmartBank League was postponed after several players from the Madrid team tested positive for the coronavirus tests prior to the crash. The rest of the day, with some matches in which the result of the match in Riazor influences, was disputed.

To Rayo Vallecano the result of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada influences him in his promotion options. On the one hand, they must win their match against Racing, hope that Fuenlabrada lost at Riazor with Deportivo and Elche lost or tied at home with Oviedo. For this reason, from the first moment, he presented “a formal complaint to the RFEF to invalidate that last day.”

After learning that the RFEF, in a letter from the Secretary General to the president of LaLiga, advocates a Second Division of 24 teams due to the conflict that has been opened due to the suspension of the match between Deportivo and Fuenlabrada, Martn Presa assured EFE that he is “hopeful” that his team can also compete in the promotion.

“We are hopeful that the proposal of a League of 24 teams will go ahead because that would mean that there would also have to be a promotion of six clubs,” Martn Presa told EFE.

“The case that would involve a League of 24 clubs, with the rescue of Numancia and Deportivo, who arrived with saving options on the last day, is identical to ours, which came with intact promotion options. It is a case of equity legal “, confessed.

“From the first moment, to solve this situation, we have advocated for a League of 24 and a promotion of six,” reiterated Martn Presa, who reported that, after the regular championship was over, he gave orders to his players to “take extreme security measures and stay on vacation in Spain in case you have to come back soon to play. “