Second “impeachment”: Trump calls for unity, Biden calls on Congress to work on priorities

Trump has called on Americans to be united and does not discuss his impeachment while Joe Biden has asked Congress to work on priorities despite the trial.

LUS President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening called for unity, saying violence “has no place” in America.

“None of my real supporters could be in favor of political violence,” he said in a video message in which he never mentions his indictment by Congress for encouraging the assault on his sympathizers against the Capitol.

“If you do this, you are not supporting our movement, you are attacking it, you are attacking our country. We cannot tolerate it, ”he added.

Biden: working on priorities

For his part, President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday asked Congress to work on the priorities of his program, despite the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, which will open after the Democrat comes to power.

“I hope that the Senate will find a way to manage their constitutional responsibilities regarding the impeachment trial, while conducting the urgent affairs of the nation,” he said in a statement after the indictment of Donald Trump .

Among the priorities cited by Joe Biden: the confirmation of the members of his cabinet, the revival of the American economy, and the continuation of the vaccine distribution plan against Covid-19.

“This nation remains under the threat of a deadly virus and a faltering economy,” warned the future president.

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