Selection and tremendousness: from ‘boy scouts’ to bulldozing machines

Spanish National Team The opinion of Miguel ngel Lara

Saturday, eleven o’clock at night. The spanish teamher is a mess. A kindergarten, a team that does not know what they play, a group of boy scouts lost in the middle of a forest full of giant cometians.

Tuesday, eleven at night. The spanish team It is the no more. She is already champion of Europe. Boy scouts have in hours become indestructible machines capable of taking ahead of that selection of which Lineker He said soccer was an eleven versus eleven sport where he always wins Germany.

One imagines Gurb by Eduardo Mendoza listening and reading to each other, sometimes to the same, and wondering where they have landed. Well, in the Spain of the tremendous, in the country where football, and almost everything, is the moment. Where rivals are always mediocre teams that if you don’t win it’s because you’re a disaster. The site where everything is analyzed at the moment, hot. Not all. Why SwitzerlandFor example, they did not lose any of their matches to Germany. A team that in the last two final phases reached the same point as Spain.

Exaggerated in the bad and in the good. Today we cry out for the Euro to arrive, because we are going to eat it. Ferran It’s a plane, no longer the half-made player that I played in Basel. Fabin He dominates the center of the field like few others, he is no longer the shy footballer who wrinkled against the Swiss. Dani OlmoWhat a player! He has ceased to be the scared-faced child the Swiss defenders made to escape as if he had seen Freddy krueger.

And happen again. Because Spain draw or lose with Switzerland, Denmark or Poland and be an absolute disaster again. Win over France and be the best of the best. National tremendousism. For all.