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Selena quintanilla is, was and will be a female icon in the music industry. Even though I already know they completed 25 years of his murder, his figure continues to captivate new generations, as his music, style and charisma continues to captivate those who hear his songs for the first time. Although much has been said about his life and the day of his death, where Yolanda Saldívar – personal assistant, president of her fan club and close friend – ended her life, have you asked yourself How was that March 31, 1995 lived? How did the news monopolize the media? How did the fans react? How did the woman who murdered her attempt suicide? Here we tell you what happened the day that Selena, The Queen of Tex-Mex, died.

Was a March 31, 1995 at 1:05 p.m. when Selena Quintanilla Perez –Her full name– also known as La Reina del Tex-Mex was declared dead. He was only 23 years old, he was right on the cusp of success. His music played on the radio stations She had fans who followed her faithfully, she appeared on television, she was a businesswoman for her own clothing brand, she had a close family and was happily married.

The fruit of his constant work, from the age of ten, had borne fruit. She was considered a star, because her music was different from that of others, it combined the rhythms of Mexico with those of Texas. Selena was the Queen of Tex-Mex. It broke for the first time the gap between two cultures and two countries that boasted their roots.

He had already sold millions of copies of his five albums that talked about love, heartbreak and chronicles of daily life. His style was replicated everywhere. The young women sought to dress like her, wear pants at the waist, wear berets and color their lips with red tones.


However, all this accumulation of success was overshadowed by who said she was her friend, her faithful companion, the woman to whom Selena had given her trust: Yolanda Saldívar. But How and when did your relationship start?

This is how Yolanda Saldívar approached Selena

It was in 1991 when the relationship between Yolanda Saldívar and Selena began. At the time, Yolanda –who was 31 years old– approached Selena’s father –Abraham Quintanilla– and manager of the famous –Abraham Quintanilla Jr -. He proposed to create a fan club so that Selena was closer to them. The proposal seemed interesting, so they accepted and she was appointed as president of such.

And it is that by this time, Selena was already considered a star who was applauded by her fans for having: good music, good acting, excellent dances, good style to dress and make up.

So with the arrival of Saldívar and his club, everything went smoothly. Followers piled up almost immediately. With this job, Yolanda could get closer and closer to Selena. Their relationship was positive – initially. Selena trusted her, so over time she gave her more opportunities: she made her a personal assistant and then her business manager.


The murder of Selena; Yolanda Saldívar, the woman who betrayed her

With the passage of time, exactly four years –1995– the friendship and employment relationship had deteriorated. However, no one expected their relationship to fracture to the point where violence reigned.

It was in March 1995 when Yolanda Saldívar was fired as president of the fan club. In addition to being removed as Selena’s business manager. Back then, Selena was recording her new musical album in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas.

One day before the murder –March 30–, Selena and her husband Chris Pérez, went to visit Yolanda saldivar to the Days Inn hotel – room 158 – where he had stayed after his arrival from a trip to Monterrey. Selena was looking for her former fan rep to hand over some business documents that she still had in her possession.

However, after the encounter, Selena quintanilla he realized that nor had given all the documentsSo he called Saldívar and they agreed to meet again the next day. During the talk, Yolanda confessed to the Queen of Tex-mex that she had been sexually assaulted in Mexico, which is why they saw each other the next day from the morning to go to the hospital. A Corpus Christi doctor determined there were no signs of sexual violence. Act that upset Selena.

Finally, he decided to take Leave the hotel where you were staying to have the documents delivered that were still missing. According to the accusation that was presented at the trial, the discussion began at 11:00 hours.

Already in place, Selena He asked him for the documents, he wanted to leave the hotel as quickly as possible, as he had the commitment to record his new album. In the middle of the discussion, the reports indicate that at 11:48 a.m., the famous woman tried to leave the room, but it was at that moment that Saldívar took the weapon – Taurus .38mm revolver – and fired it.

The bullet hit the right side of Selena’s back. Singer began to lose a lot of blood, according to the prosecutors who handled the case. According to what was collected by the media of that time, Selena went to the hotel reception where she vanished.

She was immediately transferred to the hospital Corpus Christi’s Memorial, where the doctor Louis elkins reported that the famous was no longer breathing or had vital signs. An hour after the medical meeting, Selena Quintanilla was declared dead -13: 05 hours-.

Yolanda Saldívar: flight and trial

While the life of Selena was fadingYolanda Saldívar was trying to flee in her red truck –GMC– with the weapon with which she had hit the Queen of Tex-Mex. For about 10 hours he drove with the gun in hand. He threatened to kill himself.

However, it was at approximately 9:30 p.m. that it was finally delivered. Hours later he gave his first statement. In it he claimed that he had pulled the trigger and shot Selena. Then he said it was an accident.

But nevertheless, Saldívar’s trial lasted until October 1995, when he was found guilty before he could be released on parole in 2025.

This is how the media broke the news about Selena’s death

Without a doubt, Selena’s death took her fans, friends, family and the media by surprise. In different news reports they reported that an era had ended. Selena was already a legend.

Here is a video of how they made the news known:


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