Senate Republican Majority Leader in favor of Trump impeachment process

The Democrats have filed in the House of Representatives an indictment aimed at the impeachment of Donald Trump for “inciting an insurgency”. In the event of a favorable vote, the file will then be transmitted to the Senate which will conduct the dismissal process.

According to Fox News, five members of the Grand Old Party (GOP) will vote with the Democrats, the competing news channel CNN speaks, for its part, of “several” elected Republicans.

And again according to the conservative channel, Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate and one of the most powerful men in Congress, supports the Democrats’ initiative. The man would indeed be “furious” on the president.

The person concerned had already distanced himself from Donald Trump last week during the certification by Congress of the results of the presidential election by qualifying the result of the latter as correct. In doing so, he took the opposite view of the outgoing president who maintains that the elections were largely rigged and that he had won them.

Republicans still have a majority in the Senate as Georgia’s second Democratic senator is yet to be sworn in. However, to dismiss Donald Trump, a 2/3 majority is necessary even if several elected Republicans have announced their intention to vote in favor of a conviction. The latter would collect 67 favorable votes in the event of support from Mitch McConnell, according to CNN.

In a country on edge whose capital looks like a ghost town, the House of Representatives must rule around 3:00 p.m. local (9:00 p.m. Belgian time) on the indictment. This vote, the outcome of which is not in doubt, will mark the formal opening of the impeachment procedure against the 45th President of the United States who will become the first in history to be indicted twice in Congress.

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