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Donald and Melania Trump spend their last parties at the White House: this has been their four Christmases

In just over a month, Donald and Melania Trump will have to pack their bags and leave what has been their home for the past four years. The until now president of the United States will give the witness to the elect Joe Biden, who together with his family will be installed in the White House on January 20. But until then, the Trumps have the opportunity to enjoy what will be their last Christmas in the official residence and, if we stick to what has happened in the previous parties, they promise to be spectacular and unforgettable as well. PHOTO BY PHOTO: We remember how other presidential families arrived at the White House SEE GALLERY CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE PHOTO GALLERY Christmas 2020 the highlight of the White House. Impressive, amazing … any adjective falls short when we talk about the personal touch that Melania Trump has given to her home not only this atypical 2020, but in the past. This year, yes, the president’s wife wanted to pay tribute to the ‘majesty’ of the United States. For this reason, America la Bella is the motto of this Christmas, which includes patriotic winks, that Melania – leaving the white color of her Christmas outfits parked – has wanted to teach the little ones.VIEW GALLERYVIEW GALLERY Christmas 2019If we go back 365 days ago, we can remember the Christmas story that the American president’s wife recreated in 2019. The theme on that occasion was The Spirit of America, and thus many of the decorative elements had the shape and colors of the American flag. As for the lights, which also found their prominence in the final staging that Melania prepared, in which she again honored the name of the residence by opting for white as the predominant note of the decoration of that year. VIEW GALLERY Dozens of trees and hundreds of flowers populated some of the rooms in her home as she blends in with the environment: a white coat, a knitted dress with a white high collar and matching pumps. There is no doubt that this tone is one of his fetishes for these important dates. Christmas 2018 The previous year Melania Trump had already shown us that look during the traditional Christmas lighting ceremony, in which the president of the United States is in charge of lighting the National Christmas Tree. But what was most eagerly awaited was the decoration of the presidential residence. This time the chosen epigraph was American Treasures and under this umbrella Donald Trump’s wife tried to pay tribute to the heritage of the American country. The national colors (red, blue and white) were fused with the most representative skylines of some cities and with a small nod to the world of football, one of the president’s passions. VIEW GALLERY Again, the numerous trees -red, not white- flooded one of the White House galleries and, unlike the rest of Christmas, Melania broke with tradition by wearing a black and not white style. The president’s wife also wanted to promote, with decorations, the Be Best platform against harassment championed by the first lady. As a curiosity, a fact: the main tree reached six meters in height. SEE GALLERY Christmas 2017 How was the first Christmas of the Trumps in the White House? Well, it did not go unnoticed, quite the opposite. Melania Trump’s choice for her holiday debut as first lady sparked all kinds of buzz. After the Christmas lighting and the subsequent concert, it was time to show the striking decoration. Dressed as a true snow queen -in white, how could it be otherwise-, she walked through the snowy fir trees installed for the occasion and that appeared with simulated snow and miniature crystal nutcracker decorations. In total, 53 trees scattered throughout the house. VIEW GALLERY In his first year in residence, he wanted to pay tribute to the Nutcracker, as Jacqueline Kennedy did in 1961. There was a ballet dancer who recreated the work. Garlands with red ribbons hung on the stairs and more than 5,600 meters of lights and more than 3,400 meters of ribbon finished putting the finishing touch to a decoration that required about 1,600 hours of work.

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