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The starting point is that God loves us infinitely and wants us to be happy. He, creator of the universe, knows that human beings live in a material world and that, therefore, the material is a fundamental part of our existence and our evolution. He knows that we need money to survive, the taste of triumph to reward our efforts.

However, it is important to clarify that the angels have also taught me that, although in fact we humans have the right to wish and ask for success, it is important to take into account the following points:

Never forget that these achievements are reflected in a service that helps others. That is to say, that it is not a success with an individualistic or selfish goal but of service (in other words, that is connected or related to our life mission).
That such success contributes to the general good of the company or company where you work and do not only seek to fulfill a personal ambition.
That the achievement of this success is not to win a job ‘competition’ with another person or do not involve hurting others to achieve it.
Make it something you want from the heart, with love, honesty and, especially, humility.

This last point is very important. Everything we do must be done with love and humility, without forgetting who we are and that the objective must be service to the world and to others.

How do angels help you achieve professional success?

Here are some suggestions that the angels have given to achieve success in our professional work:

Feel that you deserve. This means that inside you feel that you deserve success, that you are worth a lot, you work with effort and honesty and that is the reward for such work. Many times, even unconsciously, although we want success we feel that we do not deserve it for one reason or another. This goes against our real desire to have it and feel it, thus not allowing it to manifest or materialize.
This word says a lot, because it consists of having FAITH that what you long for exists for you and will come. Have faith that God will deliver it to you if it is for your good and that of those around you. It is feeling that success is already yours and will manifest itself.
Put your mind to work in your favor, not against you. It is essential to maintain a positive mind with thoughts of growth, abundance and success so that that is precisely what you attract into your life. Do not forget that the universe gives us everything we ask for through our mind or our mouth, without distinction. That is why you must be careful about asking for what you really want so that that is what materializes in your life.
Display. It is important to maintain a clear and consistent image of the success you want to achieve so that it can easily materialize. Don’t change your ideas overnight as this blocks the process.
Have God and your angels present at all times. Every day at your work, ask them to show you the best way to carry it out and from there, trust the signals you receive. This point is also fundamental, since it has to do with allowing that inner voice (which is the voice of God) or what many call ‘sixth sense’ or intuition, to show you the way. Trust is the key. In this way, the decisions you will make will be at a conscious level, knowing that you are being guided towards your highest well-being.
Putting your heart and mind to work is not enough for things to materialize. Action is a fundamental step so that your physical eyes can observe what you long for.
Give the thanks. When you give thanks, it is because you have received something that you expected, it is good or you wanted with great anxiety. In this way, thank God and your angels is an indication of the conviction or faith that you have that success already exists in the Universe and is yours.

* Ana Mercedes Rueda is a bestselling writer, spiritual coach and expert in the love and relationships theme. Acquire your books here. Connect with Ana in networkssocial: @anamercedesrueda.

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