Several activists strip naked in a frozen Times Square to denounce speciesism

Five activists of the animal group PETA have stripped naked in a freezing Times Square, in New York, to denounce speciesism, as the belief that animals are inferior to human beings is called, to “take advantage of the wave of social justice” that has been experienced in the US and globally with the pandemic.

“It is time we started to stand up against the ways in which human beings explode the bodies of animals without their consent, “said Ashley Byrne, deputy director of PETA.” It is time we realized that animals exist for their own purposes, “he added under the huge lights of Times Square.

Before her, five activists painted cow, rabbit, fox, goose and tiger, dressed only in thin stockings and underwear on a cold New York morning, when the wind chill was minus 3 degrees. In addition, they carried posters that read messages such as “Reject human supremacy”, “Reject macho supremacy”, “Reject heterosexual supremacy” or “Fight against injustice”.

“What we are feeling now is only a small part of what non-human animals suffer at the hands of humans. So we hope this encourages raising awareness of how we treat nonhuman animals“, explained, while shivering, the young activist Maureen Medina, painted as a rabbit.

And he added: “(The animals) they should be treated fairly, have their own bodily autonomy, their own freedom and quality of life, without anyone treating them as a commodity or violating them “.

Appeal at the national level

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The action is part of a national appeal that PETA wants to send after the US elections and after the pandemic, given that “in recent months, people have been rethinking everything, including issues of racism, sexism and homophobia,” Byrne pointed out.

“We want to add speciesism to that list, because we are all animals“, insisted the representative of the organization, who said that they chose the central Times Square as the setting because it is” in the middle of shops that sell animal parts “and restaurants that serve meat.” So it is the perfect place ” , has sentenced.

And he added: “(The activists) have decided to be here naked in these freezing temperatures to make people think that animals do not have the option to decide what happens to their own bodies when they take away their children or raise them and then kill them for food, (…) but we as humans do have that option “.

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