Sexy fan art shows Kaulifla and Kale as Super Saiyan 4

One of the most acclaimed arcs of Dragon Ball Super It is the Universal Survival Arc, also known as the Tournament of Strength Arc, fourth in the manga and fifth in the anime, in which we first saw Kaulifla and Kale.

Also known as Caulifla, this warrior is a Saiyan from Universe 6’s Planet Sadala. She is a young delinquent, gang leader, who was recruited by Cabba to be a member of Universe 6’s Team to participate in the Tournament of Strength. She is considered as a secondary antagonist and the one who protects Kale.

Kale, for her part, is known as the demon Saiyan and like her sister, she also comes from the Sadala Planet of Universe 6 and participates in the Tournament. In Dragon Ball Super she is billed as the legendary Saiyan of her universe and she is the female counterpart of Broly.

This sensational duo is acclaimed by the Dragon Ball fandom, to the point that it has inspired artists to be embodied in spectacular fan arts.

Kaulifla and Kale’s sexy fan art

According to a report published on the website of E Games Newsthe great fan and artist of Dragon Ball, elite_nappawith more than 118 thousand followers on Instagram, made this sexy fan art starring Kaulifla and Kale.

“Kale or Kaulifla?” Asked the illustrator in the publication that exceeded 12 thousand likes, with dozens of comments and in which he added several images of these characters.

As we can see, the Saiyans look as voluptuous as they are muscular, both with a very sexy facet and with quite striking poses. The most impressive thing about the fan art is how the artist manages to turn them into their Super Saiyan 4 transformations, combining the best of Dragon Ball Super with this sensual touch.