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Right in the times we are living in, it is necessary to have something that lifts our spirits when we are flat-out dragging the blanket. Each one chooses what to feel happy with, although many prefer music, that can sometimes heal us in many ways. Maybe what we need after almost a year locked up and with everything we’ve seen is to go to a good party; and that’s what SG Lewis has for us.

After a couple of years working, in 2015, the DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist broke into the music industry with his EP Shivers, where he made it very clear that electronics and dance along with funk and soul were his thing. However, from that moment on he spent his time playing all over the world, publishing short-lived materials and perfecting his sound, But many of us expected him to take the next step in his career.

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SG Lewis finally released his first album

Fortunately, SG Lewis announced that after a lot of waiting, his debut album, Times would be released in 2021. As if this was not enough, he revealed that it would contain 10 songs never heard before and not only that, but it would also feature several very special guests. For you to check the data, on this album we have interesting names like the legendary Nile Rodgers, Robyn, Rhye, Channel Tres, Lucky Daye and Frances and Lastlings.

And believe it or not, the UK producer has just shown us some spectacular work, which shows that during all this time he spent experimenting and maturing his music. But not only that, he also grew as a person and that is seen in the lyrical content of these new songs, who seek to bring some peace to those who listen to them and the desire that when the pandemic ends, organize a party to celebrate as it should.

'Times': SG Lewis throws a big party with lots of guests on his debut album'Times': SG Lewis throws a big party with lots of guests on his debut album

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‘Time’ is a constant party

Time begins with the homonymous song, in collaboration with Rhye. And even though they both have slightly different styles, They managed to create an extremely festive, fun song full of good vibes, which is based on a simple but forceful beat accompanied by an enveloping electric piano. But without any doubt, the one who takes the palms is Mike Milosh with his voice, with that touch of sensuality that characterizes it.

The rhythm doesn’t stop because in the second song on the album, SG Lewis maintains the intensity. On “Feed The Fire,” we have an ode to old school funk combined with that dash of modernity that a few synths give it, though once again the 26-year-old musician shows us that less is more, and all you need is have a solid foundation and the talent of a guest – in this case singer Lucky Daye – to make us dance.

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SG Lewis meets the great Nile Rodgers

SG also brings us moments where he shines alone without the need for other musicians. “Back To Earth” is a great transition that does not lose that feeling of blowout at all, since for four minutes makes us feel like we are in the middle of a club with many people around united by one thing: their melody. This song is ideal for all those who love to dance in the privacy of their room.

This great song gives rise to one of the greatest collaborations on the album, as On “One More,” SG Lewis worked with Nile Rodgers himself. And yes how could they hope the guitarist’s funky riffs sound right from the start and you can easily identify them. Although in this song he bets on a sound that flirts with EDM, it feels like a tribute and recognition from the young producer to the legendary musician.

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Little by little the bpm goes down, but that does not mean that the mood drops. With “Heartbreak On The Dancefloors” –Where the voice of the English singer, Frances, sounds– brings us a relaxing theme that grabs you with its textures, subtle and refined synths, and manages to envelop you in an atmosphere in which everything seems to be pink. From now on, there is a very interesting transition towards a somewhat more elaborate electronics.

After a brief but necessary interlude, SG Lewis introduces us to “Chemicals”, another song with an optimistic tone where he takes us to those clubs of the 70s and 80s. One of the strengths of this song is the catchy bass line, which sticks in your head while the keyboards manage to give it that retro touch. Surely this is one of those fresh-sounding instant hits that will get anyone moving.

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The closing is spectacular

Almost down the stretch, Lewis presents one of the most interesting collaborations of the entire album, “Impact” with one of the most influential women in electronics in recent years, the very Robyn and a rapper who is revolutionizing the genre, Channel Three. The result is an explosive combination that for almost five minutes take us through an ambiguous beat where everyone shines.

Australian duo Lastlings are SG Lewis’s latest guests on “All We Have,” who They arrive to put together a short but accurate mini rave with him. Between ups and downs of rhythm, and a mesmerizing melody, both make us feel like we’re at a festival, where we simply let ourselves be carried away by the sounds that come from the stage with thousands of people, a feeling that is missed a lot.

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To end, the musician presents “Fall”, a song that contrasts completely with everything we heard previously. Instead of forcefully closing the disk, SG preferred to give us a relaxing and hopeful theme that grows as it progresses, where sweet chords sound on the piano that accompany a reflective lyrics and that speaks about what many have gone through for almost a year: the confinement and the need to feel love from a distance.

After so much waiting, with Times, SG Lewis gives us a record that we undoubtedly needed right now with so many things happening around the world. Although music sometimes serves to reflect the socio-political situation of a specific moment, on this occasion the young Briton makes us forget about those problems that we have been dragging along. remind us that evils happen with songs that invite us to dance and celebrate.

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1.- “Times” feat. Rhye

2.- “Feed The Fire” feat. Lucky daye

3.- “Back To Earth”

4.- “One More” feat. Nile rodgers

5.- “Heartbreak On The Dancefloor” feat. French

6.- “Rosner’s Interlude”

7.- “Chemicals”

8.- “Impact” feat. Robyn and Channel Tres

9.- “All We Have” feat. Lastlings

10.- “Fall”

SG LewisSG Lewis

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