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Gladys «La Bomba Tucumana» regrets her fight with Micaela Viciconte Credit: Instagram

This Friday, Gladys «the tucumana bomb» He went through Flor de Equipo and was encouraged to take the ‘intractable questionnaire’. Brave, the singer answered each of the spicy questions and was forced to remember her most violent media fights and therefore left without tasting any disgusting dishes.

« You said you were attracted to Angela Leiva, what other famous would you give her? », Fired the driver of the cycle to break the ice. Surprised by the question, Gladys redoubled her bet and played it live. “Sometimes you are attracted to a woman. I would give Flor Peña because I would be shitting myself with laughter all day, « he responded to the stunned look of the actress who quickly reacted true to his style: » Go writing down turns, Polino. « 

After defining herself as an « authentic » person, the woman from Tucumán referred to her media fights and surprised with a confession: « When I’m wrong, I apologize. The fight that I liked the least and that I would never have again was the one I had with Micaela Viciconte. It did me very bad, because the girl has a lot of followers in networks and they killed me. I am a big lady, very sensitive, from the interior and she got hooked on fighting me very ugly, ”she recalled anguished.

However, Viciconte was not his only enemy in the middle. His crosses with Karina «The Little Princess» throughout all of Cantando 2020 were gala news after gala. « What does ‘The Little Princess’ do better than you? » Peña launched, pulling her tongue. Almost without hesitation, Gladys replied, “Act. He is a better artist than me, he has 10 in acting ”, implying that the jury did an acting to have a press.

The spicy questions did not stop throughout the game. The interpreter of « The yellow skirt » once again confessed her erotic dreams with Marcelo Tinelli (« He is such an attractive, cute and perfumed guy that I love it »), she also spoke of some undeclared affairs to this day. I can’t tell you the names. I swear to you, I never agreed with any of them, but they called me on the phone and looked for me. They are both very famous. One, is a political journalist from this country, he is not on the air now, but he is well known; and the other, a conductor. They threw me wave, they called me, but they did not find me because I do not get involved with married men, « he warned without wanting to give names.

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