The actress is mortified through a video The hospital where she will have her baby is infested with cases of coronavirus She is thinking about whether to change hospitals or not

A few days after giving birth, the actress Sherlyn is very mortified, since the hospital where she will have her baby is infested with cases of coronavirus, so she is considering whether to change hospitals or not.

On Chamonic’s Instagram account, a video was shared that the actress had uploaded as part of her stories on her official Instagram account and that so far is close to reaching 9,000 views.

In this post, with over 300 likes, you can read the following: “Sherlyn is concerned that the hospital where she wants to have her baby has many cases of COVID-19! This is where we can verify that the Mexican government and not in any country has an exact control of the infected and the people continue as if nothing! And the rulers opening stores now! It is a double-edged sword. “

Sherlyn shared the following message in this video, just a few seconds long: “I just found out that the hospital where I was planning to have the baby, as it turns out, has a lot of coronavirus cases.”

“So, we are making the determination of whether to change the hospital or not, but hey, everything is going to be perfect and nothing else we have to solve and ready, nothing more than, because after a few days, it becomes a little chaotic, anyway , everything will turn out well, ”said the 34-year-old actress.

Photo: Sherlyn’s Instagram.

Hours after giving this message, Sherlyn, again through her Instagram stories, shared news with her fans that did not sound very flattering.

With a black face mask, and with a look that reflected concern, the actress confessed: “My beautiful loves, God loves me very much. We went to see the hospital where the baby was supposed to be and well, yesterday I told them that it turned out that he had a jet of coronavirus patients and I went to see him today and they don’t know what a bad experience. What I can tell you is little ”.

At that time, he pointed the camera at his mom, who asked her point of view: “I thought I had given you the pandemic (referring to Sherlyn). He ran out of the hospital, walking the entire parking lot three floors down. ”

“I should think about home birth”

Some followers of the Chamonic account did not want to stay with the desire to give their point of view after seeing the video that was shared of the actress Sherlyn, who a few days after giving birth to her baby, discovered that the hospital where she will give at birth (so far) is infested with cases of coronavirus:

“She who has the opportunity and the resources should think about home birth. It is a beautiful and unique experience. You feel more comfortable and free to move more and many benefits “,” The truth, not everywhere is the same, she is in a city where there are too many cases. “