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One of the hottest Shonen action series out there right now is « My Hero Academy, » showing a world where super-powerful Quirks have become the norm. Some Quirks are stronger than others, and gifted students like Shoto Todoroki and Fumikage Tokoyami naturally rise to the top of their class in schools like UA They were practically born to fight.

At my Hero Academy, Shoto is a rival to Izuku Midoriya, who marvels at the power of One for All, while keeping his companions at a distance. Fumikage Tokoyami is a bit of a loner too, but he’s open to cooperation, which could include engaging in a sparring match if Shoto asks him to. But if they fall to the ground, what will their fight be like?

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Shoto Todoroki is the son of Endeavor and that means he inherited his father’s Hellflame Quirk and all its power. But that’s only half the story. Shoto also inherited an Ice Quirk from his mother Rei, and that’s not a coincidence. Endeavor wanted a boy whose halves of ice and fire would balance each other, and the result is Shoto Todoroki. Shoto can prevent his ice half from freezing and his fire half’s heatstroke by alternating the two halves of his Quirk, giving him more stamina on the battlefield than even his mighty father. In the final arcs of the story, Shoto gains even more power than ever, and is determined to reach new heights.

Shoto’s ice half is his favorite side as it reminds him of his beloved mother. And also, ice is a very effective type of magic for battle. Shoto can quickly create an enormous amount of ice in battle, usually from his feet and hands, and the opponent can be trapped in the ice and rendered helpless before he can make a move. Additionally, Shoto can glide across the battlefield on fringes of ice, similar to how Mina glides on fringes of her acid, giving him greater mobility. Shoto can also impale his enemies on large icicles, although he is rarely seen doing that.

Until the UA sports festival, Shoto refrained from using his fire half, so his coordination with his fire half is a bit off. However, Shoto is ready to catch up, and he can use his fire more effectively than ever, which as expected is quite powerful. By the arc of the provisional hero license exam, Shoto was ready and willing to use fire at any point in the battle, such as when he joined Inasa Yoarashi to overwhelm Gang Orca with hot, dry wind.

Skills and powers of Fumikage Tokoyami

Like Shoto, Fumikage was born with a powerful Quirk, and relied heavily on him during battle. And like Shoto, Fumikage is not terribly accommodating; he knows his strength, but he’s also ready to train and reach greater heights of power. His Quirk is Dark Shadow, a solid and shadowy being that emerges from Fumikage’s torso. Amazingly, this Quirk can think and speak for himself, which means that he and Fumikage act as a team rather than just a teacher and tool. While manifesting, Dark Shadow can move freely, and with great speed and agility.

This Quirk can deftly avoid enemy attacks as he approaches to launch devastating melee attacks, and Dark Shadow can also protect Fumikage from returning attacks. With an extra pair of eyes on the battlefield, Fumikage is hard to take by surprise. Dark Shadow can detect approaching enemy attacks, even if Fumikage does not see them (eg from behind).

Dark Shadow is stronger as the lighting levels drop and at night this Quirk is louder, although it is also more difficult to control this way. During the day, Dark Shadow is weaker but very easy to control, and at twilight, Dark Shadow has moderate strength. After a while, Fumikage learned that he can cover himself with Dark Shadow to increase his strength, and he once interned with the Falcons Pro Hero to put on some muscle and learn new techniques. Now, he’s ready for anything … even taking on Shoto.

Fumikage Vs. Shoto – Who Would Win?

Shoto and Fumikage respect each other’s power, so they will fight fiercely once the fight begins. Shoto, as always, would create ice to try and catch his enemy, and Fumikage, who would expect that, would send Dark Shadow to break the ice as he tried to get close to Shoto himself. Shoto could continue to create ice, but Dark Shadow would still do his best to break it. By then, Dark Shadow would be within reach of his opponent, but Shoto could sneak off at the last moment into a swath of ice, letting Dark Shadow hit the ground where Shoto was standing.

They were pacing, with Dark Shadow getting tired but keeping pace with Shoto until Shoto realizes that he needs all of his power for this battle. That’s when he would start using half the fire, and with his fiery assaults, he would fill the battlefield with heat and light … and that would greatly weaken Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow would have to retreat to Fumikage’s body, and this would be Shoto’s chance. Returning to the ice, he would slide down to Fumikage and trap his opponent in a huge ice formation before Dark Shadow can recover and attack again. Fumikage would have no choice but to surrender.

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