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Have you ever heard of Signal? This is a messaging service that offers greater security and privacy compared to WhatsApp, taking into account the updates it had recently regarding its use policies.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X, recommended his Twitter followers to use this messaging application instead of Facebook, WhatsApp. Although the reason was not made clear, it coincided with the recent WhatsApp update.

Signal, a messaging option. Photo: Pixabay What is Signal?

It is a messaging application available for both iOS and Android, which was created by Signal Foundation, a non-profit open source development firm from California. The system uses your network to send both personal and group messages.

In the same way you can send files such as photos, audio and videos, which are encrypted end-to-end. And although the service was launched in 2014, it has recently gained more popularity.

This growth is due in part to the fact that entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, as well as some computer security experts such as Eduard Snowden and Bruce Schneier, use this means of communication due to the level of security it handles.

Signal also uses the cell phone number to register the account but has other functions that allow users to identify the sending and receiving of messages from contacts they do not know, while maintaining security in chats.

Even at some point, government spy agencies such as the NSA, made it known that this application represents a danger to national security, since users’ conversations cannot be traced or monitored.

So far this application has more than 10 million downloads for Android devices and in 20018, Brian Acton, one of the co-founders of WhatsApp, upon leaving the company made an investment of 50 million dollars in Signal.

So if you are thinking of a safer option for your talks, Signal can be it, you can download it for free and it works very similar to WhatsApp.

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