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Signal is an instant messaging application that has become more popular lately because WhatsApp users decided to go to it due to the new update it had in its privacy policies.

But, if you do not know exactly what it is and how it works, we will tell you. Signal emerged in 2013 and one of its main objectives is to provide users with the utmost privacy in their conversations, this to such a degree that no one else can access them, as is the case with other applications.

We tell you how Signal works. Photo: Pixabay

Its end-to-end encryption system is known as ‘Open Whispers Systems’, which prevents someone else from seeing your chats, intercepts and decrypts your messages, which in that sense could guarantee you a high level of security.

In short, when you send a message, it is done in an encrypted way and they are only decrypted when they reach the receiver’s phone, so if someone intercepts them on the way, they will not be able to read them.

Another function that this application has is that you can send text messages, audios, videos and images. You can also make group calls and video calls, functions very similar to those of WhatsApp.

Now, if you wonder why you should use this application, the answers can be several, the main thing is the privacy it offers its users, in the same way it offers the function of self-destructing messages that you send, which can be from 5 seconds to a week , this means that you can choose the time in which you want your messages to be deleted.

Another advantage is that it does not collect personal data from users, you just need to provide your phone number so that you can use it. Another advantage is that it is transparent in terms of its use, since it is not linked to other applications.

How to download Signal The first thing you should do is go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Download it for free. Confirm your cell phone number and voila, with that you can use it.

Although this is not a well-known application, it has been gaining ground as a result of the new usage policies implemented by WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world.

One of the curious facts about Signal is that in 2016, when it launched its desktop version and after Donald Trump came to power, downloads began to increase, as a result of the fight against censorship and government espionage.

Its design is very similar to WhatsApp, so if you already know any of them, you will have no problem using it. You can block a contact, silence notifications, check encryption. One of the most attractive is that after a while you are not using it, you can make it lock and you can only access it by entering a password, through facial recognition or with your fingerprint.

These are some reasons why many consider that Signal is much more secure than WhatsApp, but the decision is yours alone, so choose the one that suits your needs.

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