Signs of War in Syria

The new Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama will go to war again, he has partially broken talks with Russia and unilaterally, this defender of peace and democracy has been touched by the “gods” to lead his troops to defend the interests of the the oil industry, the big banks, the WTO and of course the great oligarchic world families.

These are the signs of war that we find and that give us clues about the almost certain intervention of the US army in Syria, once again traveling to the Middle East to establish freedom and continue searching for weapons of mass destruction.

  1. Syria has allowed the entry of UN observers to verify that alleged chemical weapons are not from the regular army, however the US has said that “it is too late to be credible.”
  2. The mainstream US media openly and without much evidence claim that chemical weapons were launched by the so-called “Assad regime”
  3. Four Tomahawk missile warships are taking positions in the Eastern Mediterranean capable of launching their weapons within minutes on Syrian targets.
  4. CBS is reporting that “the Pentagon is making initial preparations for a cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces.”
  5. On Saturday, Barack Obama met with his national security team to discuss what actions should be taken in Syria.
  6. In the US, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says that Barack Obama has asked him to “prepare options for all possible contingencies” regarding a conflict with Syria.
  7. After a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron about the situation in Syria, the White House announced that both leaders expressed “grave concern” over the chemical weapons attack, which took place last week.
  8. Military commanders from the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, Italy and Canada will meet in Amman, Jordan on Sunday to coordinate plans for the next strikes against Syria.
  9. According to the second largest newspaper in France, the rebel forces that have been trained by the CIA have been slowly closing in on Damascus “since mid-August.
  10. The US military has flown a significant number of F-16 fighter jets to Jordan since the beginning of this year to support the Jordanian army.
  11. According to a government document WikiLeaks published in March 2012, NATO personnel have been inside Syria preparing for regime change since 2011.
  12. “The Times of Israel” reports that an internal military assessment has concluded that “Washington is seriously considering a limited but effective attack” in order to make it clear to the Damascus regime that the international community will not tolerate the use of weapons. of mass destruction against Syrian civilians or other elements.
  13. US Senator John McCain recently said that if the US military does not attack Syria, it would be like giving “a blank check to other brutal dictators around the world if they want to use chemical weapons.” (When he speaks of brutal dictators we assume that he excludes Western countries)
  14. According to the New York Times, the use of the model of air warfare practiced in Kosovo by NATO forces is being studied if it is decided to act without a UN mandate.
  15. The White House has released a statement saying the Obama administration has no plans to put “boots on the ground,” but did not rule out any other kind of military action.
  16. Several important politicians in the US are heating up the media climate to justify urgent military action, words like those pronounced by Kerry saying “It is undeniable that chemical weapons have been used” indicate in the context that these weapons have been used by the army. Assad.

As we can see, exactly the same is happening as in Iraq and Libya.

The faces change but the objectives remain, before it was Bush and now it is Obama, no matter who sits in the chair in the oval office, the orders are given from outside by non-democratic powers that are opaque to the public light.

We assume that Spain as a US page that it is, will send a contingent of support.

Let each draw their own conclusions.

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