Silvestre Dangond releases new album LAS LOCURAS MÍAS

Silvestre Dangond

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Silvestre felt indebted to the genre that he championed with impetus and his restlessness would not stop until he achieved a new work full of hymns. Silvestre has always delivered himself in each production, he has always given everything and his audience waits for news of him. The task was arduous and the expectations and the critics were high, but the objective was clear and Silvestre was already in “Romantic Vallenato” mode:

“El Vallenato a long time ago changed the feeling for the flavor and I am going to focus more on the romantic, it is time to return to the themes to dedicate to love, it is time to rescue this type of songs in the genre”, says Dangond.

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Silvestre Dangond, Beto Urieles, Roland Valbuena JR. and Lucas Dangond in arrangements, they begin production of the album in March of this year at the Cucayo Records studios. Invited guests and prominent composers such as Iván Calderón, Romualdo Brito, Fabian Corrales, José Alfonso “El Chiche” Maestre, Rafael Manjarrés, Roberto Calderón, Ómar Géles, Roland Valbuena Jr, Luis “Lucho” Alonso, Isaac Calvo, Mario Zuleta qpd Post-production It was carried out in between Miami, Valledupar and Barranquilla. The mixing was in charge of Carlos Alvarez and Luis Ortega and the mastering of Mike Fuller at Fuller Sound Miami.

Silvestre Dangond – Las Locuras Mías (Official Video)Las Locuras Mías, Silvestre Dangond – Official Video From his long-awaited new album, here is this super musical theme “Las Locuras Mías” singing the great “Silvestre Dangond” Official Video Share it! 👏👏 Subscribe to our channel: Listen to it on digital platforms: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: https: / / Deezer: Author: Omar Geles Suárez…2020-10-22T04: 00: 09Z

Jimmy Zambrano on the song ‘Perdiendo el tiempo’ –a merengue by Roland Valbuena Jr.–, Juan José Granados, on Mario Zuleta’s ‘Punto final’; Tito Castilla, Jesualdo Ustaris, Héctor “Tico” Rojano in ‘I have a God’ and Tito Castilla in ‘Bad play, Manda Cachaza’, ‘Con Agua Fría’ and ‘Me Has Pechichón’.

The fourteenth studio work by this artist who has led Vallenato to be considered transatlantic, initially saw the light with the release of two singles: ‘Tengo un Dios’ and ‘Las Locuras Mías’, the first single presented and which gives the album its name. . The record production took about 8 months and included the participation of Silvestre’s band.

The videography of this new work was recorded during isolation by the Pandemic by Silvestre together with his sons Luis José, Silvestre José and José Silvestre “El Bebe” and Pieri Avendaño, his wife; assisted and post-produced by cinematographer José Vergara (Frankie Jazz). The videos show Silvestre and his family in situations that the singer wanted to portray and that during the isolation allowed Dangond to explore in more depth concepts and details of his new production. “The videos are my essence. I like them very colorful, very funny. And these have a lot of essence to what surrounds this album “, Silvestre concludes.

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