Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized urgently

“Il Cavaliere” Silvio Berlusconi, 84, “is at the Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Hospital for exams. He will be home in a few days,” a spokesperson for Forza Italia told ..

“I went personally on Monday to carry out this medical examination with Silvio Berlusconi at the end of which I decided to be urgently hospitalized at the Monaco cardiological center, not deeming his transfer to Italy prudent”, for his part said his personal physician Alberto Zangrillo, quoted by the Italian news agency ANSA.

He mentioned a problem of “cardiac arrhythmia” at Silvio Berlusconi who was in the south of France. The former head of the Italian government was hospitalized in September for ten days in Milan because of a lung infection due to Covid-19. In the spring of 2019, he was operated on for an intestinal obstruction at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the same where he underwent a major open heart operation in June 2016, without counting minor operations.

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