Since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar, 6,500 migrant workers have died building stadiums

Migrant workers were mostly used for the construction of stadiums or infrastructure. In addition to the stadiums, Qatar has built new roads and even a new city where the 2022 World Cup final will be played in Lusail.

According to The Guardian, the death toll is well over 6,500, as only the five countries mentioned keep records. Qatar also employs a lot of people from the Philippines and Kenya. However, these countries do not keep good records on the number of deceased migrant workers.

According to official figures from the Qatari government, most migrant workers died of natural causes. However, an autopsy is never performed after death to determine the exact cause. Many people working in Qatar had no health problems, but still died suddenly, possibly due to poor living and working conditions.

In the summer of 2019, many workers died from the heat after being forced to work despite high temperatures. The Guardian also mentioned a worker who was electrocuted when his apartment, where many electrical wires hung, was flooded by heavy rains.

The Qatari government calls the death toll “proportional to the number of foreign workers”. About 2 million foreigners work in the country.

The organization of the World Cup in Qatar and the International Football Federation (FIFA) say they are doing everything they can to keep workers safe. FIFA also specifies that fewer workers hired for the World Cup die than in the rest of the world but without providing any evidence.

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