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Elena Rivera’s reflection on aesthetic operations in young girls

A few days ago, Beatriz Luengo denounced on social networks “the physical attack that women especially suffer and the harshness with which we are treated.” The singer, actress and dancer acted in the American version of the program Your face sounds to me and received much criticism for her figure. “I came across these types of comments: ‘How fat’, ‘How horrible a belly’, ‘Aren’t you ashamed to wear that bodysuit?’ … I am perplexed. What world do we live in? I thought we were walking towards the freedom of being, I thought that each time we were more open to breaking with the canons, I thought that everything we were experiencing would make us better … “reflected Beatriz, who announced on the pages of HOLA! that she is pregnant with her second child. Without a doubt, it is a subject that generates a lot of controversy and that reveals the constant examination that many artists are subjected to because they are public figures. Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gómez have spoken on occasion about this, confessing that the path that has led them to accept themselves and love themselves as they are has not been easy. The last to comment on this has been the actress Elena Rivera, who has felt the need to share an interesting reflection with her fans. VIEW GALLERY – Jennifer Lopez denies that she has put on botox: ‘I am real’ “I am terrified to see that so many young girls (some very young) have the need to undergo cosmetic surgery treatments to achieve beauty standards that are imposed, on everything, in social networks, “begins by saying the actress, whom you will remember for her role as Karina in the series Cuéntame. Elena assures that she considers herself a “defender of personal care, fashion, cosmetics, creams, makeup … of everything that makes you feel good in front of the mirror”, however, she believes that “it is important that we accept ourselves as we are and that is not incompatible with looking for our best version. ” When seeing the current panorama, the protagonist of Inés del alma mía admits that the fact that girls with barely 20 years of age give “the leap to surgery, acid, botox …”, and has wanted to send a forceful message: “I think that those of us who have teenagers and young people among our followers have to be aware of the values ​​we transmit and the responsibility that this implies. My advice: don’t want to be like anyone else, just try to get the best out of what you wear inside”. VIEW GALLERY – Marisol? Barbie? Elena Rivera debuts her most shocking mane. Applause from many colleagues “Very successful comment, darling,” Maribel Verdú has told the Cuéntame actress, who has also received the support of other colleagues such as Aitana Sánchez-Gijón or Luisa Martín. “How great you are Elenita”, added Natalia Verbeke. His fans have wanted to comment on this issue that usually provokes conflicting opinions and have commented: “It is like that. Your reflection is very sensible”, “At 20 years old you do not need surgery and at no other age. You have to accept yourself as you are”, ” I lack hands to applaud you “,” From a very young age they already appeal to different treatments, surgeries … and they all end up the same “or” Keep that thought firm. Your art is in you, not in your physique. “

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