SIVEN seeks to recover a space for romanticism in the urban music scene with “Sugar”

SIVEN faces a musical scene dominated by trap. His innovative proposal seeks to reposition the historical bond of Latin American countries with the romantic genre.

A style with decades of history, whose potential is far from fading away, and which the performer seeks to relate to the modernity of urban music.

His pseudonym refers to the number seven, a divine number that connects him spiritually with God. Under it, the artist works on his project, developing sounds that evoke captivating love stories, adding his personal stamp and a careful selection of urban sounds.

The challenge in urban music

His goal: Bring back those iconic songs that go straight to the heart. This time, putting them in tune with the favorite rhythms of the new generation.

In this challenge, he has received the mentoring and support of renowned national and international musical exponents. One of them is David Botero, composer of the series “La Reina del Flow” currently on Netflix and produced by Caracol TV. With him, SIVEN is already working on the composition of a new single.

In addition, he has the support of Paloma Mami’s booking manager, who currently represents the artist in potential offers.

“I have been an admirer of Luis Miguel since I was very young and, based on that, I grew up believing in the emotional power of the ballad. When I write each song, I seek to identify those people who believe in love and are enchanted by it and, at the same time, I want to conquer young people with the enormous power of romantic music”, he says.

With this personal formula, SIVEN opens 2023 by releasing its third single “Sugar”, where it ventures, with lyrics and rhythm, into the sensuality of love. The exponent is defined as a musician destined to surprise with songs that reinterpret the process of loving conquest, romantic relationships and other feelings derived from love. He always betting on bringing his favorite musical style back to the heyday.

New video

“My song is inspired by a very contingent theme in today’s society that addresses age differences in affective ties. We wanted to touch on this topic, seeking to break the scheme and paradigm of people. Many assume that there is some kind of financial purpose behind these types of romances. My song goes the other way, and points out that age is not an impediment to conquer and form ties”, details the artist.

“Sugar” is now available on all platforms. Between them Youtube and Spotify. All SIVEN information can also be found through its official SIVEN account. instagram.

Looking to be the next romantic star

A Business Engineer by profession, and with a successful career in the business world, SIVEN gambles with everything for music. With his first two singles “Sin Ti” and “Tuyo” he has managed to gradually integrate himself into the national radio stations.

With this last theme, he even managed to go up to an important stage in Coquimbo, in the Christmas Pampilla, in front of thousands of attendees.

“When my father died, I went through very difficult times and, in that process of self-awareness and reconstruction, I understood that life is very short and that you should not waste time to do what you truly love and that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams. of the heart,” he details.

“That motivates me today. Helping people to feel again with music and to be able to enjoy, connect and get up in the face of any situation they are experiencing”, concludes the singer.

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