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When i was writing my book Forgive and Live the Present with the Help of the Angels, I asked which beings of light helped in a specific way with these issues. At that moment, very strong but loving energies appeared that called themselves “the angels of forgiveness and reconciliation.”

As their name suggests, these angels have been designated by God to guide us in the process of real forgiveness and liberation from those ties that may not have allowed us to move forward and feel inner peace. Likewise, they help with the process of detachment from people or experiences that, even knowing they are not positive for our evolutionary process, we have not managed to leave behind and, therefore, they continue to cause an emotional and even psychological burden on our being.

In addition to this beautiful group of angels, there are other beings of light that can support you to forgive and let go. Some of them are:

Archangel Zadquiel.Known as the archangel of forgiveness, it will help you transmute the energy of resentment into the energy of love.
Archangel Michael.It will help you eliminate the fears that attachments cause.
Archangel Jeremiel.It helps you feel compassion for whoever hurt you and better understand what motivated them to act as they did.
Archangel Raphael. The emotional and physical healer. It will help you heal the wounds in your heart.
Archangel Haniel.It helps you overcome the desire to judge and condemn with your opinions.
Archangel Jofiel.It will help you fight the depression and sadness caused by disappointment and hurt.

Remember, forgiving and letting go are a decision, so as you consciously decide to do so, you will see the results and, most importantly, you will feel peace in your heart again.

* Ana Mercedes Rueda is a bestselling writer, spiritual coach and expert on the subject of love and relationships. Acquire your books here. Connect with Ana on social networks: @anamercedesrueda.

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