Skiing in the streets of Madrid: an unprecedented cold wave hits Spain (photos)

Snowfall unprecedented in nearly 50 years of several tens of centimeters covered Friday and Saturday Madrid and a large part of Spain, where many schools and public services will remain closed at the beginning of the week.

ATn the day after a historic snowstorm, Spain was preparing to experience an unprecedented cold spell, especially in Madrid where the authorities continued their race against time to clear snow on Sunday. From Monday morning, “minimum temperatures below -8ºC” are expected in much of the interior of the country and until Thursday, according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

“The danger is still there” with the risk that “the accumulated snow turns into ice” because of “minimum temperatures never reached”, warned the Minister of the Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska, asking the population avoid travel as much as possible.

Snow clearing

Before the frost complicates things, a race against time began on Sunday to clear snow from the communication axes.

The snow plows and the spreaders continued to be active in the streets of Madrid where it will remain very difficult to move “by the end of the week”, warned its mayor Jose Luis Almeida. The army had to be deployed to clear snow from the runways of the capital’s airport which began to reopen very gradually on Sunday afternoon. The soldiers but also volunteers cleared the accesses to the capital’s hospitals, still under pressure in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Skiing in Madrid

Many Madrilenians also took out their shovels to clear snow from the entrance to their buildings while others, like Saturday, were skiing in the parks and streets of the city.

Long queues also formed in front of the few open supermarkets and bakeries.

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