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The couple loves spending time together, from cuddling at home to going for a walk; Despite the cat’s face, this one does enjoy a lot next to Casper

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New Zealand.- A dog smiling samoyed and a cat Grumpy have earned a legion of followers on Instagram due to their unlikely but adorable friendship.

Rinsa Li, 29, from Christchurch, New Zealand, loves to photograph her two pets Casper, a six-year-old Samoyed, and Romeo, a cat two years.

The couple love spending time together, from snuggling on the couch to taking long walks in the countryside together.

Despite the relationship, Romeo can’t get rid of his funny grumpy expression that leaves strangers laughing next to the very happy face of Casper.

In the photographer Rinsa brings her pets together for two hours every day and best friends have also been on road trips and visited popular tourist attractions as a couple.

They now have more than 38,000 followers on their joint Instagram account, which highlights all of their fun and adventurous moments together.

« I always wanted to have a cat but I wasn’t sure how Casper would react; when my best friend got a cat, I took Casper to meet him and he turned out to be very gentle and sweet, so we decided to look for the cat of our dreams, » he explained. the owner Rinsa.

‘Now, the couple cannot be separated from each other. When I first brought Romeo home, we separated them for almost a week, but Casper was very curious.

Rinsa also revealed that Romeo He is the ‘king of the house’ but secretly wants the attention of Casper.

Romeo I was nervous and scared at first because Casper it was so big and fluffy but Casper it was so sweet.

He would go to Romeo and smell him, and if Romeo was scared, he would gently walk away.

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