So you can make your own dinosaur with a profession through Artificial Intelligence, totally free

Dinosaurs with professions are flooding social networks. On Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and even on TikTok there are plenty of images with these figures, made with Artificial Intelligence, which have a certain touch of tenderness.

Is making them easy? Yes but not so much. You have to resort to certain programs that are not so friendly, because they are not so common, for any Internet user. Especially for those who are over a certain age.

The idea is to help them generate their own images of dinosaurs with professions so that they can post them on their own social networks.

In addition, we are going to share some that other users have already done, in case it coincides with the activity they practice or if they simply feel identified.

How do I make my own professional dinosaur with Artificial Intelligence?

The first thing to do is enter the official site of Midjourney (we leave the link there). A blue screen will appear as many letters; that is the style of the portal. Choose the “join the beta” option so they can log in with their Discord account.

If you do not have a Discord account, you must create one. It is very simple, they just have to put an email and create a password.

To finally enter, it will come out that they must accept the invitation. They press “accept” and confirm that they are human with the rigorous tests that any site does to avoid automated mechanisms that seek to hack.

IA Midjourney

Once inside, the portal xataka look for any of the “newsbies” channels and start chatting to ask the artificial intelligence for things.

In the message bar they must write “/imagine (prompt)” followed by what you want to illustrate. Remember that for dinosaurs you must put the phrases in English, example: Dino, Journalist, helmet.