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The new feature in beta is part of the Android app update.

When a user uploads images to the social network, Twitter, resolution is often lost due to the platform’s software compressing these types of files.

That is why a new update of the microblog social network will allow uploading photos in up to 4K resolution, which represents an opportunity for photographers to use this platform.

4K resolution images are the highest quality possible in today’s photos and cameras. Only limited platforms offer 8K image captures (and most are still in video format). The quality of these HD photos is barely noticeable on the mobile platform, but they would be best viewed on 4K-ready displays such as laptops, desktop monitors, and 4K televisions.

At the moment, some users have it available in beta for Android, as well as people with iOS operating system already enjoy it.

How can I upload HD images?

To have this option available you must do the following step by step:

Enter account> Settings> Data usage
There you will see a section where it will tell you how to upload high resolution photos
You will select if you can upload a high resolution photo using data or with WiFi.
High resolution 4K definition photo may have a weight limit of 8.3 MP.

Note: It is important to remember that you must download the new version that is in beta to enjoy this new function.

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