Social networks destroy Akira Toriyama for some racist statements that he never issued

Akira Toriyama is almost like one of his Dragon Ball characters, as he seems unattainable to the vast majority of the media. His statements are normally taken by the magazines that have the rights to the manga or the same channel that broadcasts the anime.

Outside of this, Akira Toriyama speaks through statements. These two characteristics are the first to consider in order to know that the sensei does not issue controversial statements. Much less the racist sayings that a web portal wants to attribute to it with the intention of gaining notoriety.

The sensei creator of the most successful manga and anime of all time has been destroyed on social networks by a ‘fake news’ the size of Mount Everest.

According to what Area Jugones reviews, a portal that also recriminates these false statements by the author of Dragon Ball, a false news says that Toriyama attacked Afro-descendants.

“This is a Japanese franchise. It is made by the Japanese for the people of Japan. The show is not yours; it’s ours. The things people complain about change over time, but the demographics of Japan don’t. They (people of African descent) just don’t live here,” falsely said a ‘fake news’ written by editor Danielle Starlight, reviewed Gamer Area.

The news that raises a false testimony does not even have foundations. Dragon Ball is a series that positions many races from around the world, giving participation to characters of all kinds. Obviously, Japanese culture is reflected to a greater extent, because it is the basis of the stories.

However, some tweeters believed these statements that are nothing more than an invention of a portal in the United States.