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‘Happiness trains’, the message that Sara Carbonero has discovered in full storm

Sara Carbonero has enjoyed the snow to the fullest with her two children, Martín and Lucas, aged seven and four. The journalist has published several images of the children playing with the flakes, but she has also taken advantage of Filomena’s passage to share a deep reflection with all her followers. “At every step there is a lesson, you just have to be attentive,” he wrote when he saw this man walking in the middle of the storm with a backpack in which the following message could be read: “Happiness also trains. VIEW GALLERY Sara’s publication has been highly applauded by her fans. “Let’s train”, commented her great friend Isabel Jiménez. Other followers have highlighted the good view of La Mancha to capture messages and others have decided to join her philosophy of life. “Since we are passing through, we have to leave nice footprints,” they have said. In addition, the journalist has received numerous compliments, such as this: “You are beautiful on the outside, but with your comments you can see that you are much more beautiful on the inside.” VIEW GALLERY The 36-year-old from Corral de Almaguer faces life with great optimism. He showed it during his illness, sharing reflections that could be of help to those who were in the same situation, and he did it again by speaking naturally after overcoming all his health problems. “You have to normalize things, they happen to a lot more people than we think, but we think it’s not your turn,” he said at the presentation of his new radio section. “You have to learn to live without fear,” he advised. VIEW GALLERY Sara has started a new stage in Madrid after five years living in Porto with Iker Casillas and her two sons, Martín and Lucas. The journalist is looking forward to 2021 for her work at Slow Love, the clothing firm she created with Isabel Jiménez, and for her return to Radio Marca, where she began her professional career in 2005. The La Manchega had everything ready to go. To return to the airwaves this week, but due to logistical problems after the great snowfall in Madrid, the premiere of its section has been postponed to next week. – The precious coincidence that will unite Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez for life – ‘The most beautiful day of the year’, Sara Carbonero opens her personal album to congratulate her son Martín The return of Iker Casillas to Real Madrid The new professional adventure of Sara coincides with that of Casillas, since the one from Móstoles has just joined the Real Madrid Foundation as an assistant to the general director. Two great news that the couple celebrated this Christmas with their two children, Martín, seven years old, and Lucas, four years old. Although the goalkeeper had to travel to Dubai to collect a prestigious award for his career at the Globe Soccer Awards, the family was able to enjoy a day of skiing on a popular indoor track in the capital.

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