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Some Instagram users are receiving a very interesting news within the social network. This new functionality allows adding the mobile phone number to add a shortcut button to WhatsApp. At the moment it is only available for business and creator accounts, as stated by Instagram.

To check if our account has been chosen for this new functionality, we will have to go to the option ‘Edit profile’ and select ‘Contact options’. Within it, if we have it enabled, the public information will appear regarding the email, phone number and lastly, WhatsApp.

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There we will have to add an associated phone number to receive a verification code. The number may be the one we have associated with on Instagram or a different one to use as a contact method. The number that will be displayed in the WhatsApp application will be the one that we have registered on Instagram so as not to interfere with the staff. This will not be visible directly from Instagram in a public way. We also have the possibility to modify or delete it.

In reality, this new option is nothing more than a kind of shortcut button to open WhatsApp application, which has to be previously installed, to start a conversation. Thus, in addition to engaging in chats through natural channels such as private messages or email, Instagram adds the ability to directly access WhatsApp to start a conversation with a specific profile.

The merger of Instagram and WhatsApp: collateral damage

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The intention of the parent company, Facebook, is to integrate all its services to offer a single package. In this way, the use of their social networks and utilities would be ensured. maintaining a direct relationship between them. This measure, together with the company’s new privacy policies, are not causing great enthusiasm among its own users, having to delay the application of them.

The latest news regarding the new policy made many users question whether to continue using social networks owned by Facebook. WhatsApp was one of the main applications that suffered a flight from users, benefiting others such as Signal. Telegram, for its part, took advantage of the wave of new friends and integrated the import of WhatsApp messages in a simple way.

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