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Last year, when the arrival of Apple Silicon to Macs was announced, the community brought back the debate about the similarities between the iPad Pro and Macs. Today, there are many who they want to be able to have a touchscreen Mac, and it is that sector that Apple wants to reach with the iPad Pro. But it is still somewhat far from that.

macOS CatalinamacOS Catalina, one of the most recent versions of the operating system.

It is no longer a question of power in the ARM chips, because that is something that they have shown to have more than enough with the arrival of the M1. It is more about the operating system, iPadOS, and the shortcomings that it has. MacOS and iPadOS are getting closer, but there are still important differences, which make choosing one device over the other not so easy.

When Apple announced a few years ago that they did not intend to merge iOS and macOS, many gave up hope that we could ever see these differences resolved. However, the community has not given up. To the point that they have already managed to boot macOS Catalina on an iPad Pro.

Obviously this it is far from what is really sought, which is a level of integration that allows you to start Mac apps with the comfort of an iPad. However, the fact that it has been possible to do something like this, allows us to understand that, perhaps, there are more possibilities to see their programs than we think. In the end, if you can boot your operating system, even if it is virtualized, why not your programs.

However, what they have taught also shows that it is not in the users’ hands to do so. As you can see in the video shared by MacRumors from the hacker named Yevgen Yakovliev, macOS takes a long time to boot into an x86 emulator, which is what has been used in this case. Up to 20 minutes, although it has managed to optimize the start to between 5 and 7 minutes.

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For this reason, it is not a viable alternative, since it is impossible to use anything in these kinds of conditions. But as a first step, it is indeed an important milestone. We’ll see if Apple gets ahead of the game and converges the platforms before something like this gets to work quickly enough.

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