“Sometimes I see Yuri a little worried”

Before him Getafe had to withdraw earlier than desired; in front of Celtic, more of the same. Dizziness Yuri berchiche everyone is concerned. This peculiar situation was referred to Iker Muniain at the press conference this afternoon. The Navarrese was admired by the determination of the left-handed side. “What they are seeing is that it may have something to do with COVID, which has already passed. It may be some kind of sequel, although I do not know if it is known one hundred percent”, He started saying

Sometimes I see him a little worried when you get this type of dizziness, when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. You see him on TV, you see him how he does in games. He is a great professional, who despite knowing that this type of dizziness can give him, that it can affect him, is always showing his face, always with his predisposition to play the next game, whatever he can endure, and that is also to be grateful, to take it into account, that there are people committed even though they have these types of problems Hopefully he can recover soon and it won’t happen again ”, he wished.

Llorente as a backdrop

In another vein, Muniain was asked about what happened to Llorente mees ago, when it seemed that he could return. Perhaps in the winter market there are news? “We don’t know what will happen when the winter market opens. The club always works to try that the best players that can be here, can be if they think fit. What happened was what everyone knows”, He dispatched in the first instance.

We have a splendid relationship with the sports management and with everyone. They talk about football, players, signings in a healthy and transparent environment, and that is what happened last time. What happens now we do not know. When the market opens we will see what happensMuniain settled.

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