Sony has a responsibility to continue the PS4 community, according to Jim Ryan

Sony is fully committed to its user base

Although with a staggered launch, and with certain problems in certain countries, the new PS5 is already among us. Sony already has a foot in the new generation, but that has not made it forget about the current one, much less considering the millions of PS4 that have been distributed around the world. The company wanted to talk a bit about it, in fact it was the CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, who has done it. For what? To make it clear that they will continue to offer content to PS4 players.

PlayStation does not forget PS4 or its huge community

Ryan has starred in an interview that has published EDGE in its last issue, and from which ResetERA has collected several statements. Among them, the CEO of the video game firm has emphasized his commitment to the players of the current generation. «We have a responsibility to that huge community, and an opportunity to keep making great games for PS4 for as long as necessary, « he wanted to underline.

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It is something that the company had already made clear with the launch on PS4 of the new Horizon: Forbidden West, and that the CEO himself has also hinted with the possible launch of God of War: Ragnarok on PS4. « I believe that you are going to see a queue with PS4 that you did not see with PS3«, Expands that of PS,« as time passes, you will see more and more emphasis on development for PS5 and the PS5 SKU will be the one that sends « ; but, while that happens, they will continue to support current users.

Ryan thinks it’s « the right thing to do. » And you, Do you think that is the right way or that this will limit the possibilities of the next games?

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