Sony is already working on a new console and sets a date for its future launch

The pandemic was a huge blow to the first year of the launch of the PS5. Only since the second half of 2022 is it that consoles began to be seen with complete normality on the shelves of video game businesses. Sales began to increase and Sony takes a breather towards what is coming in the future.

Therefore, without much detour, the reports that they are working on the PlayStation 6 have already begun to emerge. So fast? But what if I’m just raising money to see if I buy the PS5? You can keep doing it, there’s a long way to go before the next console comes out.

However, the insiders already dare to put a release date on the generation that follows the most recent Sony device.

What would be its characteristics? Close sources indicate that Sony experts are inside the laboratories deciphering how they can improve every detail of the PS5. The software and its excellent graphics quality is one of the highest points of the console. But they know they can climb another step.

Then they devise a plan to optimize each of the processes and adapt them to the rest of the technologies with which the PS5 works: televisions, controls and VR2 glasses.

As for dates, the competition is the one who has released data on what is coming for Sony. Because they want to be on a par with the Japanese company, from Microsoft they are preparing for a future launch of the PlayStation 6.

“We expect the launch of the new generation of consoles before the end of 2028 at the earliest,” said a person close to the Microsoft people, according to MDTech.