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Guerrilla Games rose to fame and earned a place in the industry with Killzone, a franchise that debuted in 2004 and has remained on PlayStation consoles. His latest installment, Killzone: Shadow Fall, arrived on PlayStation 4 in 2013.

Fans believe that the studio is already preparing a new installment of the saga for PlayStation 5, but the reality is that there is nothing confirmed. Now players are somewhat concerned, as the official Killzone page has been taken down and no longer shows any of its original content.

Neither PlayStation nor Sony have commented anything about it, so the future of the series is uncertain for now. For now, the franchise site shows a message of thanks and clarification from Guerrilla to the entire community.

The Killzone saga is left without an official site

As of this writing, the Killzone site no longer displays any of its original content. Instead, it just displays a message confirming that the franchise page was taken down. It is also announced that said portal will now redirect to the official PlayStation site.

Guerrilla took the opportunity to thank the players and fans of the saga for all their support throughout the years. As we told you, the community is concerned, as it is not clear what this movement means for the future of Killzone.

Many believe that the site was simply no longer needed, but some players think that the series will not have a promising future. Above all for the enormous success of Horizon Zero Dawn and the development of its sequel for PlayStation 5.

Guerrilla explained that closing the portal will not affect online multiplayer modes or ranking data for Killzone: Shadow Fall or Killzone: Mercenary. However, in the PlayStation 4 game it will no longer be possible to create or manage clans.

“The official website for the Killzone franchise was taken down. Going forward, visitors to will be directed to … Thank you to the many fans and visitors over the years for their enthusiasm and support, ”the study wrote.

This move does not necessarily mean that the franchise has its days numbered, as Guerrilla has commented in the past on the possible launch of a new installment of the saga. However, in 2017 he assured that it was still early to talk about the future of the series, so it is not clear what will happen.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall is available for PlayStation 4. In this link you will find all the news related to the franchise.


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