Sony shows its VISION-S, the electric car it has already tested in Europe – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Sony had announced its foray into the electric car industry in 2020, and already showed a video testing its VISION-S.

Sony announced that its VISION-S, the electric car it had projected in 2020, is already in a trial period in Europe. The information was released at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021.

CES 2021 kicked off this week in Las Vegas virtually.

The road tests were carried out in Austria in December 2020. There are no further details, except for the video presented by Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony.

« Sony will continue to develop the vehicle and plans to test drive in other regions in the future, » the notice.

The highlights, on the part of the Japanese company, is the strengthening of security, entertainment and adaptability.

The main features of Sony’s VISION-S prototype

In October of last year, the prototype The VISION-S received the Red Dot Award, an award for design.

According to the data displayed at the time, the electric car has 33 sensors, including CMOS image and ToF sensors. All are integrated into the vehicle to detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside.

The VISION-S also provides a deep and immersive audio experience with speakers at each seat.

Its concept, the company explains, is oval, to symbolize the full 360-degree immersion experience in sensing and entertainment technologies.

This car is the first in which the Japanese company works, outstanding in audio and video products. It is unknown when the final release of Sony’s VISION-S will be.

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