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In recent months, large companies in the industry have given a lot to talk about buying studies. Sony is one of them, although its focus is to grow its own studios to have an “organic” expansion, it does not rule out the purchase of studios. The last acquisition occurred more than 1 year ago, but rumors indicate that it could buy from Bluepoint Games very soon and more clues have just emerged that indicate that this information is true and that it is a matter of time before the deal is finalized.

A few months ago, the first details of the purchase of the independent studio Bluepoint Games by Sony to join the PlayStation Studios network came to light. The person in charge of making this information public was the ResetEra informant MarsianRumpan, who did not skimp on details and even mentioned under what conditions the study accepted the deal.

This for many could be surprising and could raise doubts, so, in order to demonstrate that it was true information, the user put not only his word at stake, but also his ResetEra account, which would be banned if it was not made this agreement official before February 28.

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Multiple sources reinforce the rumors of the purchase of Bluepoint Games

So, the months have passed and there has been no new information, much less official, of the purchase of this agreement and the other users on ResetEra know it and have constantly talked about this and the apparently imminent banning of MarsipanRumpan.

However, Transistor, administrator and moderator of the site, came out in defense of the informant and attacked users who show hostility against not only MarsipanRumpan, but also against other informants, since sometimes their information is not 100% accurate, something which became more common in recent months due to delays from the pandemic.

The moderator revealed that the forum’s rules were tightened regarding rumors due to the pandemic and mentioned that they do not approve of posting any rumors, unless there is “significant” evidence.

Buying Bluepoint Games would be a matter of time

What attracted the most attention is that Transitor mentioned that Marsipan will not be banned, not because he does not like bets that put accounts at risk, but because clues have appeared from “multiple sources” that reinforce the rumors of the purchase of Bluepoint Games. by Sony, so you are almost certain that it will happen and that it is only a matter of time before it becomes official. The moderator did not reveal any more information about those sources.

So far nothing official is known about the possible purchase of Bluepoint Games, but it is important to mention that there are reasons to think that it could be completed soon. The studio is known for its great work in remastering and remakes and after the release of Demon’s Souls (2020) it should already be working on a new project and it is not unreasonable to think that it could be the remake of Metal Gear Solid, which several sources indicate as Something real.

In addition, we remind you that the studio at some point hinted that it was working on not only 1, but 2 remasters or remakes and that of Metal Gear Solid could be one of them, apart from that it showed its desire to continue working with Sony. We will keep you informed.

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