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The publication of another of the unpublished songs that Taylor Swift composed years ago, and which she has proposed to include now in the reissue of her album ‘Fearless’, has arrived accompanied this Wednesday by an explanation from the artist herself about the reasons why she has chosen to bring to light’ Mr. Perfectly Fine ‘instead of any other single.

As stated on Twitter, her life today is marked by tranquility, as she writes “songs based on fiction to avoid dramas” and that makes her feel “quite mature.” However, lately he kept hearing a malicious voice coming from the chamber where he keeps his 2008 music, telling him to re-record that song about a man who promised him that he had been waiting for a young woman like her all his life and ended breaking her heart after leaving her.

Fans have been quick to conclude that ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine ‘would be an alter ego of Joe Jonas, with whom Taylor had a brief romance around that time that came to an end when he allegedly announced that they were no longer together through a phone call of less than half a minute.

Most surprising has been the reaction of Sophie Turner, current wife of the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers, after listening to the song: “It’s not that it’s not a great song,” said the actress via Instagram, making it clear that she was not offended by Taylor’s decision to remove the past . The pop star has not been slow to respond to him through that same social network to confirm that he has received his message and indirectly thank him for his sense of humor when dealing with the whole situation.

“I will always pledge allegiance to the queen in the North,” the singer joked, making a reference to Sophie’s character in ‘Game of Thrones’.

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