SpaceX and NASA successfully launch joint launch from Kennedy Space Center

It is the first time in history that a private company has sent humans into space. They travel to the International Space Station (ISS).

Spacex, Tesla Leader Enterprise Elon musk, with the help of POT made history by Send successfully a manned commercial rocket into space for the first time thus opening a new era, according to the most important North American media.

Bad weather almost thwarted the launch for the second time, but after the bad weather dissipated, everything allowed the launch from launch pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida

Two astronauts from the POT aboard a SpaceX rocket, with the new capsule Crew Dragon, hooked they left for the International Space Station (ISS).

Bob behnken Y Doug Hurley They were the two men chosen by NASA for this mission, for which they were quarantined two weeks before the trip.

Behnken’s mission Y Hurley will last approximately 6 to 16 weeks throughout which they will carry out scientific and technical investigations in space.

After returning to Earth and certifying the validity of the rocket, capsule and launch and landing system, NASA will begin conducting operational missions with the SpaceX team and it is estimated that Crew-1 take off on August 30, although the date will vary according to the duration of the Demo-2 mission.

Following this model, NASA wants to commercialize Earth’s orbit and then go a step further and set foot on the Moon again in 2024 and, eventually, take humans to Mars in 2030.

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