The Spanish Ministry of Health pointed out that deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus were below one hundred for the sixth consecutive day

The deaths daily by coronavirus COVID-19 in Spain they were again located by under the hundred, with 56 this Friday, the sixth consecutive day below the hundredth, reported the Ministry of Health.

Like yesterday, today’s figure does not include data for the region of Catalonia, where “some data is being reviewed”, indicated in a press conference the epidemiologist Fernando Simón, the Health spokesperson for the pandemic.

The total number of deaths so far is 28,628, 688 more than yesterday. The 632 deaths that remain after accounting for the 56 deaths today are deaths that occurred in previous days in the region of Catalonia but had not yet been accounted for, Simón explained.

In fact, after validating yesterday’s data, Catalonia recorded a total of 6,656 deaths, which is 635 more than those that appeared in the balance of this Thursday.

This region has notified 150 of the 446 new infections recorded today, while Madrid has reported 376 new cases and 13 extinctions.

Simón acknowledged his concern about the data sent “yesterday and today” by Catalonia, and pointed out that “if this problem is not solved, there will have to be discussions at a higher level” between the national and regional administrations.

Despite this, he noted that the fight against the pandemic is progressing positively, since “we are moving forward” and “there are no steps back.” However, he insisted that “we have to be careful” to avoid new outbreaks.

“If we maintain the precautionary measures and are careful in returning to activities, we can be very close to having the virus at practically undetectable levels,” said Simon.

With information from EFE