Spain has added in the last 24 hours another 832 deaths from coronavirus, the highest daily figure so far, so the total deaths with the Covid-19 now totals 5,690. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health, there are already 72,248 confirmed cases of infection, although there is also room for good news: 12,285 people have been cured.

According to data provided by the department headed by Salvador Illa this Saturday morning, 40,630 patients have been hospitalized because of the outbreak and 4,575 remain in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

The cases of coronavirus registered in Spain have increased by 8,189 in one day, since this Friday they had been registered 64,059 infected people.

By communities, Madrid continues to be the most affected, with a total of 21,520 positives, 2,277 more cases than yesterday, when 19,243 were registered. In addition, there are 2,757 deaths in the region (345 more in the last 24 hours) and 6,326 healed, and with ICUs saturated since 1,404 patients have required intensive care. A photograph similar to that of Catalonia, where there are 14,263 infected, 1,070 dead, 3,106 cured and 1,324 patients who have required admission to the ICU.

For his part, the Basque Country it has registered 5,136 positives and 221 deaths; Castilla y León, 4,791 positive and 321 deceased; Castilla la Mancha, 4,512 positive and 448 deceased; Andalusia, 4,277 positive and 175 deceased; Galicia, 2,772 positive and 47 deceased; Navarre, 1,829 and 70 deceased; Aragon, 1,592 and 58 deceased; The Rioja1,436 positive and 65 deceased; Estremadura, 1,394 positive and 88 deceased; Y Asturias, 1,004 positive and 33 deceased.

With less than 1,000 registered positives, there are Cantabria, with 937 infected and 22 deceased; Balearics, 862 infected and 26 deceased; Murcia, 802 infected and 17 deceased; and the autonomous cities of Melilla, 45 infected and 1 deceased; Y Ceuta, 17 infected and 1 deceased.


Regarding the profile of the patients, according to data from the Ministry of Health obtained from the analysis of 36,197 cases, 86.2% of the deceased were over 70 years of age, a group that has registered 42% of those admitted to the ICU and 48 , 7% of hospitalized, collects Europa Press.

The data provided by Health also reveal that men and women have been infected in a similar way, since men have registered 18,070 positives, out of the 36,197 cases analyzed; and 18,127 infected women. Nevertheless, men have recorded higher case fatality, since 892 of the 36,197 positive cases analyzed have died, due to 550 deceased women.



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